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  1. See you dear friends.😏💙



  2. Spanish Version. Primero que nada quiero desearle unas muy buenas tarde/noche/dia. Uf... como empezar esto... Quiero anunciar mi retiro oficialmente del servidor KRAINAMC.PL, el algo muy dificil para mi tomar esta decision, ya que e estado jugado durante el servidor mucho tiempo, son aproxiamadamente 2 años de diversion, risas, amigos. Horas y horas de diversion en un servidor tan exelente como lo es KRAINA. Tambien quiero agradecer a cada uno de el equipo de staffs del servidor, tuve el agrado de poder conocer a alguno de ellos, quiero decirles Gracias, Gracias por ayudarme a mi y a todos los jugadores de el servidor, Gracias por ser tan amables y simpaticos. Quiero agradecer a cada uno de los jugadores con los cuales pude compartir una amistad, un pvp, unas risas. Quiero agradecer a cada uno de esos jugadores con los cuales pude obtener y compartir una Alianza, Gracias a todos ellos, Gracias por que los pude conocer. Quiero pedir disculpas a todos los jugadores con los cuales no me pude llevar bien, quiero pedir disculpas a esos jugadores con los cuales Tal Vez no fui muy agradable como debi haberlo sido. En conclusion, Gracias a todos, Gracias a mis amigos, Gracias a los staffs, estoy eternamente agradecido con todos y cada uno de ustedes. Tambien quiero agradecerte a ti, si a ti, el que esta leyendo estoy ahora mismo, Gracias por haberte tomado el tiempo de leer todo lo anteriormente, Gracias. Sin nada más que decir y agregar, Se despide antentamente y con mucho respeto, Tylarzz. -Tylarzz English Version. First of all I want to wish you a very good evening / night / day. Ugh ... how to start this ... I want to officially announce my withdrawal from the server KRAINAMC.PL, the very difficult thing for me to make this decision, since I've been playing for a long time, it's about 2 years of fun, laughs, friends. Hours and hours of fun on such an excellent server as KRAINA. I also want to thank each one of the team of server staff, I had the pleasure of knowing some of them, I want to say Thank you, Thanks for helping me and all the players on the server, Thanks for being so kind and friendly. I want to thank each of the players with whom I could share a friendship, a pvp, some laughs. I want to thank each of those players with whom I was able to obtain and share an Alliance, Thanks to all of them, Thank you for knowing them. I want to apologize to all the players with whom I could not get along, I want to apologize to those players with whom Tal Vez was not very nice as I should have been. In conclusion, Thanks to all, Thanks to my friends, Thanks to the staffs, I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you. I also want to thank you, if you, the one who is reading right now, Thank you for taking the time to read everything previously, Thank you. With nothing more to say and add, He says good-bye with great respect, Tylarzz. -Tylarzz
  3. please, stop spamming Wait 5 or 6 days, to be able to reapply. https://forum.krainamc.pl/topic/35198-unban-pvp_fuerte/ https://forum.krainamc.pl/topic/35385-unban-pvp_fuerte/
  4. Version Orginal [21:48:39] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] level 51 : DZ : Gracz : pvp_fuerte >> hay Tylarzz [21:48:39] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] level 10 : CH : Gracz : Unidentified >> ja tu chce nowa ede zobaczyc [21:48:39] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] §4§lANTILOGOUT §7(§6§l1§7) [21:48:40] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] KrainaMc >> Puedes desconectarte de forma segura ahora. [21:48:40] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] §2§lPUEDES DESCONECTARTE [21:48:42] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] KrainaMc >> Zostales przeniesiony na dzialke. [21:48:45] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] level 108 : DZ : TYTAN : SzynoM >> taki nolif [21:48:46] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] level 10 : CH : Gracz : Unidentified >> wszystko od nowa [21:48:49] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] level 85 : Gracz : Tylarzz >> que wea quieres weon oh [21:48:54] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] level 51 : DZ : Gracz : pvp_fuerte >> Si pvp_fuerte estubiera aka el te mataria Tylarzz. [21:49:02] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] level 85 : Gracz : Tylarzz >> XD [21:49:22] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] level 80 : CH : Gracz : PegaZoYT >> con q es el Lusther_black xD Version English 21:48:39] [Client thread / INFO]: [CHAT] level 51: DZ: Gracz: pvp_true >> there's Tylarzz [21:48:39] [Client thread / INFO]: [CHAT] level 10: CH: Gracz: Unidentified >> ja tu chce nowa ede zobaczyc [21:48:39] [Client thread / INFO]: [CHAT] §4§lANTILOGOUT §7 (§6§l1§7) [21:48:40] [Client thread / INFO]: [CHAT] KrainaMc >> You can disconnect safely now. [21:48:40] [Client thread / INFO]: [CHAT] §2§You CAN DISCONNECT [21:48:42] [Client thread / INFO]: [CHAT] KrainaMc >> Zostales przeniesiony na dzialke. [21:48:45] [Client thread / INFO]: [CHAT] level 108: DZ: TYTAN: SzynoM >> taki nolif [21:48:46] [Client thread / INFO]: [CHAT] level 10: CH: Gracz: Unidentified >> wszystko od nowa [21:48:49] [Client thread / INFO]: [CHAT] level 85: Gracz: Tylarzz >> what wea you want weon oh [21:48:54] [Client thread / INFO]: [CHAT] level 51: DZ: Gracz: pvp_strong >> If pvp_strong was aka he would kill you Tylarzz. [21:49:02] [Client thread / INFO]: [CHAT] level 85: Gracz: Tylarzz >> XD [21:49:22] [Client thread / INFO]: [CHAT] level 80: CH: Gracz: PegaZoYT >> with q is the Lusther_black xD
  5. Tylarzz

    prosba o ub: )

    I saw clearly when the hacks were activated and immediately received a prohibition of "unik61". In my opinion the Prohibition is correct. Thanks for your attention. -Tylarzz
  6. En primer lugar, necesito poder hacer esto. No puedo crear una cuenta para el foro. Nick : SweeKhh Fecha prohibida : Hace aproximadamente 4 o 5 meses Quién prohibió : Mahazar Reason bana : Por supuesto "Macro" Servidor (' KrainaMc ' o ' MojeMC ') : KrainaMC.PL ¿Crees que fuiste un castigo? : No, no lo merecía ¿Qué estás pidiendo? (' imagen completa del castigo ' o ' reducción de penalización ') : imagen completa del tipo de Prohibición de la pena (' Time for {time} ' o ' Permanent ') : PermanenteLo que motiva tu solicitud de unbana : quiere volver a jugar en el servidor, ya que es un jugador muy bueno. Gracias por su atención. -Tylarzz y SweeKhh
  7. I'm in. It would be very useful for all new players as old
  8. Tylarzz

    Prośba o UnBana

    As it says vMeth is not your first time to sucece this to this player, in my opinion someone should see the player "xKaramba" Good luck with the request.
  9. Tylarzz

    Tylarzz Ban

    An apology is not enough, this can be repeated with some other play, it is not possible that they desisted to give
  10. Nick: TylarzzData zbanowania: Kto zbanował: 02/09/2018Powód bana: HackSerwer ('KrainaMc' lub 'MojeMC'): KrainaMc.plCzy uważasz, że kara ci się należała?: NO, because I do not use anything illegal, it would be absurd to use hacks in a cube gameO co prosisz? ('całkowite zdjęcie kary' lub 'skrócenie kary'): total imageTyp bana ('Czasowy na {czas}' lub 'permanentny'): permanentCzym motywujesz swoją prośbę o unbana: I received an unfair prohibition for hacks that I do not use, the Guardian Mahazar, was not able to ask me for revision to make sure he used some kind of hacks, just because I made him a combo and killed him, he bathe me, also fight with one of his " Friends "when suddenly he gets in, after a little while he managed to kill Mahazar and he was about to finish killing his" Friend "when he got a Ban for HACKS Thank you very much for your attention -Tylarzz
  11. Tylarzz

    Prośba o unbana.

    The ban seems fair, the player admitted the use of auto click, but still I think we all pray a second chance. Good luck in the appeal
  12. He is a very good player, kind, sociable and the best thing is that he helped me a lot, besides he spends most of his time connected. I hope you can recover the account, good luck! Create another post, this does not help if you do not put the important that would be the Dineño or the steps to put it another way
  13. I was playing in the afternoon, had some lag walked between 220 and 351 ping. The thing esque console I banned by mistake for supposedly "KILL AURA / REACH. You do not record the HITS I give. From now on I will not play when I have lag, or if it will not re-ban I have proof that I do not use anything illegal: Thanks for your attention. Tylarzz
  14. He had just come in to play. When I was in combat (I was doing Jitter Click) the server did not detect the hits. (I usually play with 220 ping / am from South America). When suddenly the console had banned of course "REACK / KILL AURA". I have proof that I do not use anything illegal: I am looking forward to your response. Thanks in advance, Tylarzz
  15. Well, first of all when I start to fight, the server does not register the hits, and the console detects it as "REACH, KILL AURA" And finally I ended up being banned Tests! { Thanks in advance, Tylarzz