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Ostatnia wygrana Skeleton w Rankingu w dniu 16 Maj

Skeleton posiada najczęściej lubianą zawartość!


62 Nawet nawet

O Skeleton

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    Argentyna 💙⚪💙


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  1. Skeleton

    [Łowca Cheaterów] KacperBogiem

    In my opinion the seventh question is too short, but I can see that you know about cheaters. To be honest, I don't remember your nick. Maybe it's because you don't write on chat too often, I don't know. However, I found interesting your post, good luck! Jestem na tak-
  2. Skeleton

    łowca cheaterów : stratoo

    I don't really know how to check players but by reading your post I could see that you know about it. The only thing you should change are your provocative messages after beating someone in a 1vs1. Good luck Jestem na tak-
  3. Skeleton

    The Hacker Tylarzz Hunter

    I texted him and he made a mistake while writing the post. He tried to mean he could spend 6 hours per day.
  4. Skeleton

    Łowca Cheaterów Alcatraz_Yagami

    You are an old player and as I could see you have changed a lot in a positive way. Your post has a good look, it's well written and you are kind. To be honest, I like you. Good luck Jestem na tak
  5. Skeleton

    Oceń awatar osoby powyżej

  6. Skeleton

    Helper - Pokes

    You never give up, and that is a good point on you. As I have said in your previous posts you are kind and helpful Jestem na tak.
  7. Skeleton

    The Hacker Tylarzz Hunter

    When we are playing together, sometimes Tylarzz helps me catching cheaters. He knows when someone has cheats and when someone is a good player. He is also a cool guy and dispite the fact he doesn't speak polish, he would be a good helper/straz. Jestem na tak
  8. Skeleton

    [Helper] NoEloMordo

    As I could see you have changed in a positive way. You are a kind guy and dispite the fact I don't play in SkyBlock, I think you would be a great helper. Good luck Jestem na tak.
  9. Skeleton

    Helper, - PaddonQePL

    You have already been in administration and you know how it works. I think your come back will be great. Good luck bro. Jestem na tak
  10. Skeleton

    [Helper] PannaSpiderka

    Are you back LadySpiderka?!? Obviously you know my opinion JESTEM NA TAK
  11. Skeleton

    Rządek Redssa

    @RedziQ You are famous bro! xD
  12. Skeleton

    [Helper] Adamer26

    I've known you for a really long time. I know that you have a good behaviour and I really think that you are prepared to join staff. Good luck Adamer. Jestem na TAK
  13. Skeleton

    [PVP} repair

    Well, you are right, /repair will be a way to make pvp more equitative, but you have to think that it won't make such a huge difference because people who bought rank will have the advantage of "sklepvip" which gives you the posibility of having Speed II (Effect that users can't have) and having Strenght II for a really cheap price. So my point is: If you think that adding repair for everybody will broke with that "pay2win" form that you described, you are wrong. It'll just help you in case you fighted against someone and your sets are destroyed, but people with ranks will still have the huge advantage of sklepvip. -- My point is not to offend you, I just wanted to say my opinion about that xD
  14. Skeleton

    [PVP} repair

    What do you mean? Every single player or only users with rank? (Heros, tytan, legenda) // Every player. Ranks can not have an advantage over regular players. ~ RadziQ
  15. Skeleton

    Błagam o unbana ;(

    Mahazar gave you a lot of opportunities to give him your anydesk and you were acting being afk and ignoring him. However I think the prohibition might be edited and set to 7-14d