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    Skeletqn 💀

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  1. NoEloMordo has been muted for ten days and I think it'll be time enough to change his attitudes. In my opinion he should get UnMute, but if he continues having a bad behaviour he should get Ban or something like that. @DShimen (Don't get furious for @ xD)
  2. Skeleton


    Hm I think this guy is not cheating. Yesterday we had a PvP and he hit like a normal player
  3. 1. Nick: iSkeleton_ 2. ID działki: 90;74 - /dom 2 iSkeleton_ 3. Czy buduje z tobą jeszcze inna osoba? (Jeśli tak, napisz nick):I built alone, but if steps 2 and 3 are done, RedziQ will be my team. Oświadczam, iż zapoznałem się z regulaminem i wiem, że za plagiat grozi PERMANENTNA BLOKADA KONTA.
  4. Se va a extrañar tu presencia en el servidor bro, te deseo lo mejor en tu futuro. Igualmente nuestra amistad no acaba aquí Adiós ?
  5. Skeleton

    unban me plis

    Ehhhh..... ¿Por qué tomas la captura en otro servidor? xD
  6. As I previously said in your denied post, I don't think you should get unban, but it's not my decision. Good night.
  7. Stop lying, because it's really annoying. You have to use that to write an appeal for unban.
  8. Dear KrainaMC´s and MojeMC´s players, administrators or whatever, I know that there are already some posts saying happy new year, but you know what? Mine will be different because it's in English! xD Despite all our differences and attitudes, I look forward for a better year, with less discussions and with more peace in every sense. Let's try to stop having unnecesary arguments and let's help the server, making it grow more and more! Happy new year for everybody
  9. I won't make it too long because it's not necessary. I'll just say that you are being too provocative and you always bother players (like Tylarzz). I also have some ScreenShots in which you say your cousin (in this case Lusther_Black) knows the password of your account . Before banning you I needed some reasons, so I asked some players if they could help me and I could get some logs where your cousin is playing in your account (pvp_fuerte) and saying really bad things to Tylarzz (to whom you complained in a post some hours ago). So here we go, let's leave some proofs where I show that I'm not lying and that I didn't give you ban without reasons You can see that in the chat I asked to the administration if sharing accounts was allowed and they said no. I'll make a little translation because I know that just spain users will understand this: First of all pvp_fuerte started saying that his cousin was alone in his house, and he is the only one who knows the password of his account. Then he said that he doesn't know why, but his cousin doesn't want Tylarzz to get Helper. Finally I asked him if his cousin knew the password of his account (first red box) and in the he said yes (in the second red box). I don't think this user should get unban, but I'll leave this for another administrator. Skeleton
  10. Skeleton

    Rządek Redssa

    @RedziQ You are famous bro! xD
  11. Skeleton

    Błagam o unbana ;(

    Mahazar gave you a lot of opportunities to give him your anydesk and you were acting being afk and ignoring him. However I think the prohibition might be edited and set to 7-14d
  12. Let me tell you that as a spanish user I understand those console warnings (we have over 300ms lol) and when we use speed 2 plus some good strafes console detects reach... And to finish this argument, when you asked CubKiller to give you his AnyDesk, was he actually playing or was he AFK? (Let's make it easier) @Mahazar